Made in Italy furniture for House & contract business

Made in Italy furniture for House & contract business

Our story started long ago…

In 1912, Ambrogio Verongalli took his first steps in the art of “ebanisteria” (cabinet making). That year, for the opportunity to join a workshop he was asked from the outset to make the tools he would need if he were to be hired as an apprentice. Only later would he learn the secrets of the craft.
Ambrogio was a boy of only eight years old, and yet 20 years later, in the 1930s, he succeeded in opening his own workshop far from his home village of Cison di Valmarino, situated in an area with centuries-old traditions of woodworking, which today is part of a district where large companies operate in the field of furnishing and design.

Three generations have now followed in his footsteps; his successors building on the technical and cultural wealth of their predecessors, aware of the importance of this in launching the company on an increasingly competitive global market. Craftsmanship remains the cornerstone of the companyís activities, with manual techniques – never abandoned or underestimated – remaining the beating heart in every piece produced. Today, Verongalli uses cutting edge machinery to obtain the speed and precision that the company has always strived to achieve, serving to supplement, rather than substitute, expert manual work.

Verongalli offers all the exclusivity of productions in limited runs and careful attention to detail, as well as experience passed down over more than 100 years of activity, expressed in fine, discernible, high quality craftsmanship. The sophistication of the products stems from the constant dedication of expert carpenters, who select and handle the woods to be used, skilfully examining each element and prime material. Beauty, longevity and reliability are the prominent features of furniture which combines technological innovation and design, entirely designed and made in Italy.

Italian through and through

Manual skills gained by the artisans over decades of practice in the field, play the most important role. It is the expertise in the execution, down to the smallest details, that enhances the carpentry work.

The artisans who work in the company are proficient in the use of advanced machinery. Nonetheless, for most of the production cycle the involvement of human hands is indispensable. Our highly skilled experts select the wood veneers for each semi-finished product to be built. The material is then cut and matched by hand to form the markings that bring out the best in every surface. The painting is also done by hand to ensure beauty and durability over time. To achieve shiny, uniform surfaces we carry out labour-intensive cycles with polyester paints to highlight the finest woods, including burls. Assembly is performed manually, with techniques to reduce the presence of fasteners and holes to a minimum to avoid spoiling the aesthetics.

High quality raw materials, accessories and semi-finished products, combined with sophisticated construction techniques, lend to the resulting product the unique characteristics of a high-end piece designed by Italian professionals,  who pursue the search for uniqueness while taking into account both national and international examples by the masters of architecture and design.

The creative urge, passion, and a long tradition of craftsmanship converge in the company’s operations to deliver to the discerning, contemporary customer, a product that is the representation of authentic Italian production.

Made in Italy furniture for House & contract business

Made in Italy furniture for House & contract business

materials selected to ensure durable product

The high quality of the wood, assembly elements and semi-finished products made of different materials, grant a higher result, in terms of product lifespan, than the average of today’s industrial products sold in large series.
The company selects suppliers after years of collaboration, to carry out projects where the commitment to creating elements with a unique design must go hand in hand with that to achieve the best reliability.

FSC® certified veneers available

The growing importance of the sustainable use of forests of high-quality timber creates challenges both for producers and architects eager to carry out highly eco-friendly projects. Veneers carrying the FSC label are certified to guarantee consumers about the provenance from forests managed so as to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. On request, the company can provide customers with a selection of FSC certified high-quality veneers with the aim of encouraging a responsible choice for the environment.

reducing emissions

The company is committed to reducing formaldehyde emissions with the use of panels that comply with E1 and CARB standards for adhesives used in the veneering process. Panels that comply with E1 European standards are the most frequent choice. However, customers may request products that conform to the new standards from the California Air Resource Board that set new limits on maximum emissions.
More information for customers are available on the A.R.B. of California website.

energy saving

Minimizing the volume of waste and optimizing energy use is a daily challenge. The company has adopted different methods to reduce energy consumption, based on the use of modern technologies. To date, an important part of the energy needed comes from our own photovoltaic system, as well as the continuous investment in process innovation to enable a reduction in consumption. Production, in itself flexible in the use of resources as it is predominantly craftwork based, draws dual benefit – both ecological and economic – from the aforementioned investments in ‘clean’ technology.


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