hotel smeraldo

Design: Renato Casoni

To fulfil the expectations of an extremely varied international clientele, the hotel created some rooms with modern decor, and others in classic style. This decision has been widely acclaimed in reviews on the best-known booking websites. Architect Renato Casoni’s design consists of a mixture of traditional decor elements with more contemporary aspects. The use of gres ceramic with textured surfaces, lacquered wood cornices, metal inserts and led lights gives the interiors an inviting and unmistakable style.

In the breakfast room, cornices are omnipresent: on walls, mirrors, furniture and panelling. This arrangement is the result of a meticulous study geared to the rationalisation of space.
Gres ceramic has been generously used to dress interior and exterior surfaces subject to heavy wear. Gres surfaces and fronts are joined at an angle of 45 degrees, and doors on items of furniture are protected by edging in painted iron.

Completing the interior decor are bespoke features like the extra clear glass hood with matt black painted iron structure and stainless steel flue, and the suspended shelving in black lacquered wood with extra clear glass shelves, backed by white polycarbonate sheet backlit using leds.